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Alan and Nancy Bernstein

Alan and Nancy Bernstein

Alan and Nancy Bernstein

Alan Bernstein researches his philanthropic donations with the same rigor he applies to his business investments: He thoroughly examines an organization's financial statements, interviews the leadership team and visits their offices to see staff in action. That doggedness has led to great success in business and enormous satisfaction in his philanthropic work. One global nonprofit in his portfolio: Americares.

An entrepreneur and a nurse, Alan and Nancy Bernstein share a deep belief in giving to others. "At our wedding we asked our guests for donations rather than gifts and were able to fund a tuberculosis unit," says Nancy.

When it came time to plan their estate, Alan searched for an efficient, effective global health nonprofit. He interviewed the leadership team at Americares Stamford headquarters and was impressed. "Because Americares brings a business mentality to executing its goals, it tends to be efficient," says Alan.

The couple subsequently traveled to Kosovo and India to see the organization's work firsthand. In Mumbai, they went into the slums with Americares mobile medical clinics, hearing from patients how the clinics have improved life there. "We want to be able to change the lives of others through our good fortune," says Nancy. "But you must trust the recipient of that gift—and that is something that has been fulfilled in our travels to Americares field operations."

The interviews and field visits proved to Alan that Americares is a worthy investment. "Including Americares in our estate plan," he says, "will help ensure that Americares continues to be effective and efficient into the future."

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