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Priscilla Letendre

Priscilla LetendreLike many New Hampshire natives, Priscilla Letendre appreciates life's small pleasures: swimming, gardening, biking, walking trails in the woods and the four seasons. "I lead a very simple life," says the retired elementary school teacher.

Philanthropy is also among her priorities. "Doing something for other people less fortunate than I is very important to me," she says. Priscilla read about the life of Americares founder Bob Macauley. "I learned that Americares reaches out to people all over the world and also in our own country and also that Americares helps people help themselves. Americares doesn't just come into a crisis situation and leave," she says. "Staff stays to help with recovery and work with local organizations, long after the public has forgotten their plight." Learning about Macauley inspired Priscilla to become a sustaining donor.

Two years ago, Priscilla chose to include Americares in her estate plan by participating in a Legacy Match Challenge. "I feel my dollars will be well spent and continue to help people now and in the future when I am no longer here," she says.

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