Caring at every turn

Jerie Kasten

Jerie Kasten

Jerie Kasten

Jerie Kasten is a woman of many interests: She travels internationally twice a year, tours the U.S. with friends, volunteers, crafts glass beads, is a subject in a health study, and visits her grandchildren in Arizona three times year. Now, just as when she was working fulltime as a nurse, Jerie includes philanthropy on her to-do list. Her organization of choice? Americares.

Jerie began her career as a nurse in Washington, D.C., eventually working at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut while raising her son, Larry, and volunteering in the community. Now retired, Jerie's background as a nurse informs her life-even when traveling she takes special note of how people in different cultures care for each other. Jerie's ingrained sense of concern for others is something her entire family shares: Disabled by polio, Jerie's 7-year-old adopted granddaughter has started her own charity to help eradicate polio by 2018.

"I always gave to organizations, but after a global disaster, I found Americares," Jerie says. "I was impressed at how much of my donation goes directly to people in need." Jerie recommends Americares to others as well. "I can give because I'm a good saver," she says. When it came time to draw up her will, Jerie made sure to include a legacy gift to Americares. "It keeps giving after I'm gone and that's a good thing," says Jerie. When she learned that part of her gift could be matched by designating it for Americares Legacy Match Challenge, Jerie signed up. "Now my future gift will leverage current funding," she says. In all of these ways, Jerie's legacy of caring and giving is a true reflection of how she lives her life.

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