Feeling good about doing good

Marjorie Roberts

Marjorie Roberts

There is nothing comparable to Americares. No politics, no fanfare and no self-enrichment intrude when Americares responds to a natural or man-made disaster, anywhere in the world. Goods and services are dispensed where they are needed most, sometimes at great peril to the staff members on site. Who wouldn't support such a mission?

Over the years, I've made donations to Americares and have recently started volunteering. I'm someone who likes to shoot from the hip and volunteering is immediately satisfying. So when I got a call about making a planned gift to Americares, I surprised even myself by agreeing to establish a charitable gift annuity—my most substantial gift ever to a charity.

Having executed this good deed, I've been trying to figure out why, when you do good things there usually is slim opportunity to be rewarded in any way. But in this case there is a bonus: I feel good when I think about the donation and I am proud that I did it. I will also admit that when I made the decision, I had no idea I would feel this way. If my honesty appears to be gratuitous, well I've already admitted to that shooting hip. Whatever it takes, as they say.

—Marjorie Roberts

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