Giving in many ways

Carl Bailey

Carl Bailey

Not many people can describe themselves as a modern-day Robin Hood, but Financial Advisor Carl Bailey may be one of the few who use that moniker accurately. Carl's mission: Provide help to people unable to help themselves. One important vehicle for Carl's generosity is his multi-faceted relationship with Americares. Not only does Carl give to Americares, but Americares donates crucial medicines to charitable medical groups that Carl funds and organizes.

Carl began giving to the Boehringer Ingelheim Americares Free Clinic of Danbury in his hometown when he realized that uninsured students had little access to quality medical care once they turned 18. "I'm a big fan of local funding," he says. He founded a tennis and mentoring program for disadvantaged children in Danbury and referred participants' parents to the clinic. "I experienced first-hand the respect and care they received at the clinic," he says. He also knew doctors and nurses who volunteered at the clinic, and their enthusiasm further cemented his support.

After the market sell-off of 2000 through 2002, Carl took a one-month sabbatical to Nicaragua in 2004, where he worked with NGO volunteers in the slums of Managua. Alarmed at the lack of basic medicines and medical supplies in Nicaragua, Carl contacted Americares. Americares now donates medicines, products and equipment to American medical missions traveling to Nicaragua to care for burn patients, perform surgeries on cleft palates, and other missions—all through nonprofit medical outreach groups Carl organizes.

Financially secure, Carl has several goals, first and foremost of which is to make sure his money and estate go to help others—now and in the future. With his focus and drive, that's already happening. By making Americares and other charities beneficiaries of his retirement assets, Carl knows his philanthropy will continue even after his lifetime.

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