Investing in saving lives

John and Janet Swanson

Donor Swanson

For more than a decade, Dr. John Swanson, an acclaimed engineer and successful entrepreneur, has been a strong Americares supporter. He has always been impressed with our efficiency and the "return on investment."

When he and his wife, Janet, thought about what they wanted their legacy to be, Americares was an early choice. The Swansons recently established a charitable gift annuity with Americares that provides them with stable, guaranteed income for the rest of their lives.

"It matters to us that this philanthropic investment will ultimately help save the lives of people who lack the basic medicines they need to survive," John Swanson said.

It's part of their strategy to give the remainder of their estate to charity, after providing for their three sons.

"It's time to give back," John Swanson said. "Our children have all that they need, and you can't take it with you."

John and Janet Swanson are distinguished members of the Macauley Legacy Society.

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