Plan a gift, create a family legacy

Elizabeth Furst FrankFor decades, Elizabeth Furst Frank thought of Americares as "my thing." And no wonder: She's been a volunteer, employee and board member at the organization. "I started volunteering when I was in college, intrigued by Americares global scale and immediate impact," she says.

Now an executive in the entertainment industry, Elizabeth and her husband have made Americares "our thing." They share news of the organization's work with their three children and made the decision as a family to include Americares in their estate plan.

"We have contributed to Americares work each year, supporting program impact that is both immediate and lasting," she says. Making the gift during their estate planning was a simple but important act. "We are confident that Americares will continue to evolve and enhance its impact on global health," Elizabeth says, "and we embrace Americares legacy as part of our family legacy."

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