"The more we give, the more we get"

Carol Baker

Carol Baker

When Carol Baker decided to sell appreciated stock, she did her homework. "I didn't want to pay capital gains tax," she says. "So I used the stock to fund a charitable gift annuity with Americares. This way I have more to give."

The thrifty retiree who volunteers in her Texas community was initially attracted to Americares because of its global health work and ability to "get more bang for each buck," she says. The fact that Americares is first on the scene after disasters is important, as is Americares collaborative work to create sustainable improvements at the local level. "I believe in teaching people to fish rather than feeding them," Carol says.

A passionate traveler, Carol recently volunteered for a census of wildlife in Malawi. Giving time and treasure has real value for Carol. "The more we give, the more we get," she says.

Carol also named Americares a beneficiary of her IRA and she recently made a gift as part of Americares Legacy Match Challenge.

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