Volunteer plans for a legacy of compassion

Lila Coleman

Lila Coleman

Lila Coleman is one of the many who supports a cause she believes with her time and her monetary assets. Lila and her husband, Harry, began donating to Americares soon after its founding in 1982. Since then, Lila has become an active supporter, volunteering in the Stamford, Conn., headquarters whenever she is needed. She recalls the camaraderie, energy and passion within the organization during times of disaster including the South Asia Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

"You receive a far greater appreciation and understanding of the work of the organizations you support by volunteering," said Lila on her experiences as a volunteer with Americares. Both Lila and her husband volunteered in the New Canaan office and in Stamford after the office moved.

Nearly 10 years ago, after witnessing the outpouring of charitable gifts from those all over during times of disaster, Lila and her husband decided to help Americares secure its programs in the future by naming Americares in their wills.

"We chose Americares because the work of the organization is so impressive, and I know that my support is directly benefiting those in need," said Lila.

Lila Coleman is a distinguished member of the Macauley Legacy Society.

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